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Other Sound Related to Emotion

1.Sound Bath “The Sound Bath is a healing session you can experience while resting in a safe and secure place.”       2.Fingernails Scrape Blackboard… More

Facebook groups of ASMR

I found out that that community of ASMRers are basically based on online platforms like Facebook and Youtube, as they are kind of misunderstood in real life. I joined two of those Facebook groups to find out what they are discussing there. Sharing their own video of making ASMR sound   2. Discussing their thoughts about ASMR 3.Share other staff related to ASMR(like in visual way) 4. Posting research essays. More

Messaging With ASMRers

As I can not find meeting up events from ASMR community, I wrote down five core questions for ASMRers and messaged it to members from Facebook groups. The questions are: 1.When did you started to realize the existence of ASMR , could you describe what was happening at that time? 2.Can you describe your physical feeling of it ? 3.What are the benefits do you think have got from ASMR?(Like better sleeping quality ) And which one does the most effect? 4.Do you share interesting things about ASMR with friends or do… More

ASMRtist Maria Maria  is a Russian woman who live in US, is one of the most popular ASMR video producer, some of her videos has been watched for 7million times. In 2009, Maria found a video called “whisper” when she was searching for relaxing videos to help her sleep. At that time, she have moved to the United States for 3 years, and she was suffering from her divorce.”And as soon as I heard the lady’s voice, I just got showered with tingles,” Maria says. “It was so great.” She saw that dozens of other… More

The development of ASMR & ASMR Tribe

About 6 years ago there was no such term to describe this experience. “Instead, a few people on obscure message boards talked about their curious triggers: whispering, the TV show Big Brother and, of course, Bob Ross.” Slowly, a community began to form around people who realize this tingling feeling was not unique to them First group to discuss ASMR   The first video in an attempt to generate ASMR, 2009 Video themes have evolved quickly in only a few years, as more people find ASMR and more creators emerge. The… More

Color LEDs_Change Colors by tempreture

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After our group’s tutorial, we have been to William Morris Gallery again and discussed for several times about how to create a narrative interaction, and now we have some adjustments to our prototype. We want to keep the idea of moving image, but we think QR code is not a necessary technology. By doing research, we found phenakistoscope(the first widespread animation device which was invented in 19th Century, Europe) can be combined with our idea.                 We are going to pick several exhibits and extract the… More

Indian Textiles–the Inspiration of Morris’ Early Work

We all know that Morris is an objector to chemical dyes, he preferred to use natural plant dyes. At that time, the knowledge of using natural dyes was disappearing quickly , and he made his efforts to revive it. He studied Indian painted textiles, and the colors and patterns inspired his early work of cotton crafts. Actually, before 18th century, India always have more advanced textile producing technology than Europe. The emperors of India in Mughal dynasty loved plants quite much, and the patterns of flowers was stylish at that time and a lot of artists painted them. Reference:… More