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Several Stages of the Development of China’s InternetLiterature

Network literature is literature published based on the network. China’s online literature development process can be described as ups and downs. I divide the development of China’s network literature as these four stages: 1.In 2001, China’s earliest fiction website ‘龙之城’ and ‘幻剑书盟’ have been set up. At this time, literary websites adhere to the value of literature is more important than the principle of entertainment. 2.In 2002, the establishment of ‘起点中文网’ gave the “grassroots literature” greater play space, attracting previously unrecognized authors, quickly catching up previous sites with more fair ranking mechanisms and better interface. The reading system adopted by the’起点中文网’ promotes the… More

Why Internet Literature A Big Thing In China

I got several reasons of why internet literature is particularly become a big thing in China, I have referenced to the opinion of the ex-editor of the website I have showed you this morning. The reasons are: 1.China’s censorship system is quite strict, some spiritual needs couldn’t be satisfied, people then choose internet which is less supervised to create their work.   2.China’s cultural products are not allowed to be published until they are completely supervised, so the consumer couldn’t change the following plot. In some other countries, comics, TV plays could quickly adjust… More

Internet Thinking互联网思维

Internet thinking is a word which has grown its popularity during these years in China, I happened to found this word when I was searching about on-line phycology. I don’t know whether it is also popular in western countries. When I first saw this word, I thought it is a word for directing how to absorb information on internet from the stand point of internet users, however, I quickly find out it is invented as a business tool for companies who want to grab the opportunity of internet. There is no fixed answer to what internet thinking is, everyone can… More

Sound Explore — Sound, Material, conciousness

After watching more ASMR videos and talking with people, I realized that one of the reason ASMR fascinate people so much is it let us pay attention to the sound that we always ignore. One day, I bought a bottle of vegetable juice, I notice I could create a pleasant sound when shaking the bottle to mix the solid part and liquid part together. This sound and my interaction with the bottle is like a ceremony of welcoming healthy. This is the time that sound is producing values. I then thought of the matcha culture from japan. It’s the occasion… More

VR Education & Game

In ‘The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future’, Kevin said one of the implicit truth in VR technology is every event would be traced and leave a record, it is a word which is totally surveilled, this feature provides possibilities to proceed game activities. Virtual game-based experience increases students’ motivation The fundamental aim of education is self recognize and also experience. The lecturer of Marlboro College Jane Wilde is a professor on teaching by games and simulation, she thinks game education makes her full of power, because it is interesting. VR could raise… More

VR Education — Current Situation & Outllook

The revolution of education is always promoted by technologies. The ways of education is expanded swiftly in these years, from simply sermon to multi media than to the using of computer. However, it can not break the boundary of 2 Dimension images. VR could provide new perceptive on objects, elaborate scenes in history could be reproduced and the micro structure of particle could be appeared. Most of the lead VR companies and organizations have put their eye on VR education. An American company have developed an education VR product, using 3D glasses, electronic pen and a special made computer to… More

Children are building their kingdoms in QQ–‘Hei Jie’

‘Hei Jie’ is a organization built upon on-line social platform QQ, it is constructed with numbers of families, and the families contains QQ users. Members are gathered by these families, they can meet friends, find tutors, and fight with other families. The form of fighting is usually like: Who earns more likes in their Qzone status, or who can type more words in a period of time. Most of the members are primary school and middle school students, they try to simulate the rules in adults society. The tutors in ‘Hei Jie’ will provide an instruction for freshers… More

Some references

In the book ‘The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future’, the author Kevin Kelly described the progress of  Virtual Reality (including Augmented Reality) and predicted what will our life be like in the future. He claims that in ten years’ time, when you are experiencing the high-level of VR displayer, your eyes will be cheated and think you are seeing a real world from a real way. He emphasized the importance of interaction. Everything in VR world will leave a trace record, this will help us to change our behavior into games.  … More

A guess of the ultimate world of VR

I firstly start thinking of what may happen when VR is greatly engaged in our life. In every man’s house, there might be place specially for project virtual scenes and movable sofa, running machine and sensory clothes are used to support the experience. Then I started to think what could happen at the ultimate stage of virtual reality. In the film ‘The Matrix’, people could experience their life with absolutely no awareness of it is not real, all their feeling are from computer, what they do in the whole life is lying in a capsule and ‘dream’. If in… More