Internet Thinking互联网思维

Internet Thinking互联网思维

Internet thinking is a word which has grown its popularity during these years in China, I happened to found this word when I was searching about on-line phycology. I don’t know whether it is also popular in western countries. When I first saw this word, I thought it is a word for directing how to absorb information on internet from the stand point of internet users, however, I quickly find out it is invented as a business tool for companies who want to grab the opportunity of internet. There is no fixed answer to what internet thinking is, everyone can have their own opinion towered it. I have concluded some main points as following:


2.Quick & Accurate

3. Emotional Brand

However, internet is not something that only service companies, every user have their own reflection towards it. I intend to conclude what Internet Thinking is to work for netizens.

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