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The Process of Making Wall Paper — Talking With Gallery Narrator

We started to look into objects once again, this time, we wanted to focus on the material and making process. I found out that the above piece of work is partly painted and we can see the trace of hand painting rather than wood block painting in some parts of it. So we asked the narrator. She told us it was just the piece of original design and is painted in watercolor. Later on, the shape of the pattern while be transported to papers, and then it will be hand carved to different wood blocks.  Even the thinest line would… More

A Story Board of Our Second Prototype

After we find out the problem of our idea of making small factory, we went back the idea of using AR tech and we went through what we have done through our research process again. Then we had our second prototype. More

An investigation of the age group of audiance

By investing the age group of audience who visit William Morris Gallery, I recorded the people who visited the gallery during a Friday afternoon. I found out that the biggest age group is people from 7-14. But all of them are in the same school and come here together for study. There are 7, 6 and 6 people visited the gallery coming from the age group of 21-30,31-50 and over 50.The people who visit most carefully came from the group of 31-50, they spent 8 minutes in a single room. There were one baby that afternoon, and no one between 15-20… More

What is Mattress Made of & My First Prototype

Going on what we have got on the investigation of Walthamstow(abandoned mattress can be seen at many places around), I started to look in to mattress. I found out that a mattress is made in several layers. The bottom layer is a nice pice of cloth, then goes with a layer of high density foam. The third layer is non-woven fabric. Next is a layer of cotton which is pressed in to cushion. In the middle of mattress, there are several layers of springs.  Then the layers repeat as cotton cushion, non-woven fabric, foam and cloth. So my… More

The Screen Printing Workshop

In this workshop, we experienced the process of doing screen printing. Though I have heard of it before, it is the first time I do it by my self. To make a screen printing, we first need a screen. Our screen is ready prepared with the patterns come from William Morris. Then, we can select the pigment that we need. The puff pigment is pretty interesting cause it can create a 3D effect after it is heated. By the process of screen printing, we can understand the working way of William Morris when he is making wall paper. More

Environment Effect of Fast Production in 3 Aspects

History Although pollution had been known to exist for a very long time (at least since people started using fire thousands of years ago), it had seen the growth of truly global proportions only since the onset of the industrial revolution during the 19th century. The industrial revolution brought with it technological progress such as discovery of oil and its virtually universal use throughout different industries. Technological progress facilitated by super efficiency of capitalist business practices (division of labour – cheaper production costs – overproduction – overconsumption – over pollution) had probably become one of the… More

Meeting Notes: Main Question & Presenting Way

Picture source: These days, our group had several discussions about these things: What is the most meaningful points for us from our research of William Morris Gallary; What is the main idea we want to express by our outcome; What is the link between the thing we talk about with William Morris; One possible way to present our outcome.   The points that we really care about are double standard and fast production(high tech). By double standard, we mean that people who live in walthamtow complain about their public environment, but they still abandon their stuffs on the… More

One Quote

This is one of William Morris’ quote that I quite like, it shows that he has the respect to the things which have past. I think maybe it is one of the reason he figured out the lost way of weaving and use it to create his own design crafts. The past is never died, it is actually guiding our way of behavior and our system of society. More

Personal & Designer Value

The first day of the course, we are asked to name two values one as an individual and one as an artist. I wrote modest as the value of myself because I would like to listen to others advice and question mysel. I wrote precise as the value of me as an artist because I am concerned about the details of my work. There are also something I want to improve such as becoming ambitious and not stay safe. More