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A Survey at Elephant&Castle Shopping Center

During the time our working space in E&C is opened to public, I used a table to hold a survey to explore what are the worries of people about the future, and the result could also reflect their previous living status. The Question is: It is 2117. Sam is a 35-year-old man living in Europe, he is a little bit upset recently. What is he worrying about? Please use candy to cheer him up. Politics and weather got more vote on politics and less vote on weather. More

Second Prototype–The Read Letter Part

After I realized it is hard for people to make good quality ASMR sound by themselves, I start thinking of a new way of making personalized sound. By the conscious of  the lack of communication in the tribe of ASMR, I want  to help them expressing feelings by writing letters to others. I intend to make the letter in the shape of scroll, and let a motor to make it turn. Their will be a light sensor and led beneath and above the letter to ‘read’ it, the light signals will shift to digital signals and pass to computer. It will… More

Sound Test for 1st Prototype

I tried to use recorder to collect the sound on the walking tour and also a tube tour. Then I use AU to edit the sound. I divided the HZ into several channels and compare which one is most gentle and ASMR-like. Unluckily, it didn’t returned a good result, the sound quality is strongly effected by the event during the walking journey. More

First Prototype

This is my original  thought of the device that could produce self-made ASMR sound. It is constructed by two parts. The upper part is an radio recorder that people could carry around during day time. At night, the sound would be transported to part B. After a producing process, the recorded sound would become ASMR sound is output by headphone when people are trying to sleep.  This device is a kind of dairy that could help people go through and manage their experiences, and ASMR sound would be the language. It could support some people’s habit of thinking over what… More

A piece of work as a starting point–dead drops _ Aram Batholl

Aram Barthll is an Germany artist who is currently teaching at Klasse Neue Medien. His percsonal concern is about the influence of ‘taken-for-granted communication channels’ o to us and the relationship between human and media. Dead Drops is a project he had done when he was a artist in residence of EYEBEAM in NYC. He describe it as an ‘anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space.’ He cement usb keys in the walls around NYC where everyone could access to. ‘Each dead drop is installed empty except a readme.txt file explaining the project.’ He encouraged audience to connect these… More

Some References

1.The Missing Voice (Case Study B) – Janet Cardiff 1999 The Missing Voice is an sound project in which Janet use sound to tell a detective story and guid listeners to work around an urban area. The introducing of 3D audio make the journey more believable and gives a feeling that people are experiencing ‘two realities at once'(). It is a period of time that could be repeated, and the library in the soundwalk disappeared since 2005, so it could be a tour that can experience not existed sights. I’m just not sure when is this kind of meaning is… More

Reverse Engineering Task__Memory Box_Chloe Meineck

This is a proposal writing practice, I tried to reverse how Chloe Meineck’s project Memory Box is planed at the beginning and reversed a proposal. —————————————————— Title Memory Box – Help dementia and their friends reminiscing with music and images.   Field of Study In this project, I am going to explore the ways people use to remember the moments they spend with their loved ones. I will research on how dementia and their relatives spend their days, what are the top concerns and if there is a relationship between music and their emotions.   Context Dementia is a brain… More

Other Sound Related to Emotion

1.Sound Bath “The Sound Bath is a healing session you can experience while resting in a safe and secure place.”       2.Fingernails Scrape Blackboard… More