A guess of the ultimate world of VR

I firstly start thinking of what may happen when VR is greatly engaged in our life. In every man’s house, there might be place specially for project virtual scenes and movable sofa, running machine and sensory clothes are used to support the experience. Then I started to think what could happen at the ultimate stage of virtual reality.

Auto Draft 7

In the film ‘The Matrix’, people could experience their life with absolutely no awareness of it is not real, all their feeling are from computer, what they do in the whole life is lying in a capsule and ‘dream’. If in the future,  computer can support all the feeling of human, the world could be greatly different. We might live without our body, so people are still able to think after death and surf  in different word.

Feed Back:

I got feedback that what I have thought is more like a science fiction than design fiction, it is too far from us and may be difficult to arouse sympathy and create an discussing environment. I decided to do more research to build up a context.

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