ASMRtist Maria

Maria  is a Russian woman who live in US, is one of the most popular ASMR video producer, some of her videos has been watched for 7million times.

In 2009, Maria found a video called “whisper” when she was searching for relaxing videos to help her sleep. At that time, she have moved to the United States for 3 years, and she was suffering from her divorce.”And as soon as I heard the lady’s voice, I just got showered with tingles,” Maria says. “It was so great.”

She saw that dozens of other viewers had left comments describing a similar reaction. That’s when she realised she wasn’t alone. So whenever she felt stressed by her administrative job at a medical company, she watched a “whisper” video to calm down. And when she spoke in gentle tones, she realised that she could provide the same feeling for others.

She made her first ASMR video in February 2011, filming herself as she leafed through a journal and played with seashells. The video logged two views in a month. A few months later, she tried again; this time, there were a few encouraging comments. She kept at it, and by the end of the year, she had 30,000 subscribers. Nearly three years later, she has more than 300,000.

“The more people who create the content, the less immunity there will be for everyone,” she says. “We want you to try other videos so you can come back to us. So it’s more of a partnership between all of us.”


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