Children are building their kingdoms in QQ–‘Hei Jie’

‘Hei Jie’ is a organization built upon on-line social platform QQ, it is constructed with numbers of families, and the families contains QQ users. Members are gathered by these families, they can meet friends, find tutors, and fight with other families. The form of fighting is usually like: Who earns more likes in their Qzone status, or who can type more words in a period of time. Most of the members are primary school and middle school students, they try to simulate the rules in adults society.

Children are building their kingdoms in QQ--'Hei Jie' 1

The tutors in ‘Hei Jie’ will provide an instruction for freshers on what is the proper manners and what is the cool way to talk. They are using some special-made words, only they can understand. The people who have high position in ‘Hei Jie’ could quickly gather many followers to fight with people who offend them.

I think this phenomenon is very interesting, it is an reflection of Children’s understand of what a society would be like and shows how they due with people’s relationship in virtual word.

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