Messaging With ASMRers

As I can not find meeting up events from ASMR community, I wrote down five core questions for ASMRers and messaged it to members from Facebook groups.

The questions are:

1.When did you started to realize the existence of ASMR , could you describe what was happening at that time?

2.Can you describe your physical feeling of it ?

3.What are the benefits do you think have got from ASMR?(Like better sleeping quality ) And which one does the most effect?

4.Do you share interesting things about ASMR with friends or do you go to any  ASMR groups offline? If yes, what do you talk about most?

5.Have you make your own practice to find out what kind of sound could cause ASMR? If yes, how?


These people are more friendly than I have expected. Although more than a half of them have ignored my questions, others answered quite carefully.

Here are some of the answers:

1. 5 yrs ago when I was looking up relaxation videos because I was super depressed and stressed. I stumbled across a roleplay video and clicked on it out of curiosity.  I got instant tingles.

2. I get an intense tingling sensation in my face, head, neck and sometimes down my arms.

3. It’s easier to fall asleep, and I can relax a lot more.  I get equal benefit from both.

4. No, I keep it to myself because I’m sure people would think I am a weirdo.  People outside the community don’t understand it and it’s not something I can explain.  You have to experience ASMR to understand it.

5. No I haven’t.


1. I discovered ASMR on YouTube. It was late at night .I was watching videos & ended up in the weird part of YouTube. /react-text  react-text: 867   I was looking for something to fall asleep too. I found a video that was a “whisper countdown from 100-1.” I listened to it & started experiencing tingles . I had experienced them before but I never knew how to “trigger” them . So the video said ” asmr experience.”  I then started watching related videos . That is how I discovered the existence of ASMR . /react-text

2. I get goosebumps or “tingles” up my spine, my arms, and on my head. /react-text

3. I think in a way I do have better sleep quality . I can listen to a video, relax & dose off. I wake up refreshed . But I also realized I sometimes loose sleep. Why? Because I stay up late & start searching for the right video to fall asleep too. Or it’s a video with visual stimuli. So I start watching it. Or I’m searching for a while . Then when I realize it’s 2-3am .

4. No. Most people don’t understand what it is. Or don’t experience tingles . They think it’s weird or something sexual. So I keep it to myself . Not even my husband knows.  /react-text  react-text: 884  /react-text  react-text: 886 🤐 /react-text  react-text: 887 . No I don’t go to groups offline because there are none I have heard of. Not around where I live. I am a part of groups online; I am part of a community . 

5. No.

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