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In the book ‘The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future’, the author Kevin Kelly described the progress of  Virtual Reality (including Augmented Reality) and predicted what will our life be like in the future. He claims that in ten years’ time, when you are experiencing the high-level of VR displayer, your eyes will be cheated and think you are seeing a real world from a real way. He emphasized the importance of interaction. Everything in VR world will leave a trace record, this will help us to change our behavior into games.


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In the book ‘VR+ Integration and Innovation’(VR+融合与创新) described VR’s current situation in the world, and also described what does VR bring to the market. It analyzed what opportunity will bring to us when combining VR with other traditional or new industries: movie, game, live-stream, education, travel, e-commerce… It also predicts what will VR bring to us in the future. It will change the world as greatly as computer and mobile phone.  It will also create new types of job.


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By the point of professor Jim Foley from Georgia Institute of Technology, one challenge of VR could be uncanny valley. Though we don’t know how long  should the distance be to the real reality to prevent uncanny valley effect, it is sure that people are keen to subtle facial expressions, this is the key for VR to appear the reality.


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The first episode of ‘Black Mirror’ season3 imagined a picture when every have a point that could be effected by the ones they meet. The point could be a main window to judge wether a person is reliable and qualified enough to join in a social community.

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