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In ‘The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future’, Kevin said one of the implicit truth in VR technology is every event would be traced and leave a record, it is a word which is totally surveilled, this feature provides possibilities to proceed game activities.

  • Virtual game-based experience increases students’ motivation

The fundamental aim of education is self recognize and also experience. The lecturer of Marlboro College Jane Wilde is a professor on teaching by games and simulation, she thinks game education makes her full of power, because it is interesting. VR could raise the  participation of students, students will immerse in the world of game, this will become the real environment of activities. The scenes are fair enough to ignore factors like gender, race and so on and only judge on personal behavior.  Students need inspirations and motivations to explore the extent of self abilities in education. The probability of participation bring by VR would let student’s desire of exploration change from playing to thinking.

  • Virtual reality introduces new approach to rewards

“Success is acknowledged,” said Wilde. “There are rewards for achievements. Failures are generally ignored. This is the opposite of much education — where success is neutral and failure is punished.”

This kind of rewards engage the brain and keep learners questing for more. Emotional reward cannot be ignored either. It makes a huge impact on students’ desire to study.

“It isn’t easy,” told Wilde. “There are challenges that can’t be accomplished on the first try. There is increasing complexity. Taking risks and trying other ways are good strategies.”

The rewards virtual reality provides are both individual and collective, they need to work together to benefit with each other, every role is important.

My Questions:

Though playing is a good way to study, it is not the only way. Some families still believe in ‘stick parenting’. I am not saying which one is right or wrong, I think education is like supplying vitamin, any part should not be ignored. If children rely on VR education too much, will they still have the ability to withstand setbacks? Too much concentration on individual world will cause the lack of occasions to excising throw real relationships. Virtual world would give only awards but real society would not. Will the children neglect their shortcomings and become fragile in emotions?

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